Don’t bet a Brit at Fantasy Football

The guys at my office decided to start a fantasy football league this year and invited me.

Despite knowing little about football and not caring for it at all, I decided to join in as it’s a win-win for me: if I lose, I’m just the Brit that knows nothing about football, but if I win, I’m the stupid Brit that knows nothing about football that beat an American at their own game.

Coming in to week 6, I’m doing pretty well, at 3rd out of 8. My opponent – the organiser of the league – decided to put in a little side wager. If he won, he got to put up the Stars and Stripes in my cubicle with a sign, claiming the territory for the United States.

If I won, I got to put up the Union Flag in his cubicle and put up a similar sign.

Suffice to say that my hot streak continued and I destroyed him. So by Tuesday, his cubicle looked like this:


Better still, I didn’t even put up the picture of the Queen; other people in the office (all American) decided to join in the shaming. Since this picture was taken, pictures of a corgi in a union flag jacket, a mini and others have found themselves onto this wall. And it has to stay this way until our next matchup in week 13.

It’s a pretty glorious feeling!

Author: Dave

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