Back to work

Tomorrow, I’m finally heading back to work. I’ve been off since the day she was born, so that’s about two and a half weeks now and I highly encourage fathers to do this.

This precious time is not only critical for bonding with your child and family as a whole, but it will strengthen your marriage, by helping one another out with the every day essentials and admiring one another in your newfound roles as mother and father.

I’ve been blessed to have been able to take off as much time as I have, and I would encourage anyone doing the same to truly leave work behind. Life will continue on without you and it’s so much better to leave it behind and not give it a second thought, as I have: I’m not even sure what I need to be doing tomorrow, which is an awesome place to be in.

I’m regretting having to go back (can’t someone just pay my salary and let me stay home with my family?), but it’s a necessary step. I’m just wondering how long I can hold out before I break down and FaceTime Ellie & Marti…

Author: Dave

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