A Photoshop template for Florida PE seal

As FBPE starts to allow digital seals and their use becomes more widespread, I needed to create a digital replica of my seal so that I could start applying it to documents and then signing them digitally, so I made this Photoshop template

As digital seals become more and more prevalent and permissible in the engineering industry, the need for a digital representation of our rubber stamps and embossing seals is greater than ever.

With FBPE recently overhauling its statutes and rules on seals to explicitly allow for digital seals, I wanted to get on board so that I could stamp PDFs and other documents and then apply my digital signature.

I couldn’t find a template to go by, so I ended up making one for myself in Photoshop with my mad skills. Since I tried searching for such a template (and failed), I figured that others are probably doing the same, so I’m making it available for others to use. You’ll need Photoshop to edit the text and add your own license information.

Also, if you’re from another state and are interested in getting a digital version of your seal made up, let me know and I may be able to help you out (no promises!)

Download the .psd Florida PE seal template

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