I’m an introvert: understand my needs and quirks

It’s only been a few years that I’ve realised I’m actually an introvert, not shy and this article is a perfect rundown of why I’m different than you. Educate yourself on what it means to be, know or live with an introvert.

It took me a long time (about 28 years) to realise that:

  1. I’m not shy, and
  2. Being shy and being an introvert are two very different things

Reading about what introversion really is makes me realise just how much of an introvert I really am (and how much I, and certainly many others, have misunderstood it for so long).

After reading “14 things introverts wish you understood” my insides sang with agreement. This is exactly who I am and moving forward I’ll be using this as a reference to help explain to others why I am the way I am. After all, per #4, it’s easier to write down my feelings than to speak them out loud.

If you know me and I’ve ever come across as cold, uninteresting or aloof, it’s probably just me being me (though I could conceivably be quite uninteresting too).

Take a few minutes to read this and understand why certain people – including me – don’t want to be in big crowds, need and want time to ourselves and aren’t very good about expressing our emotions or opinions (at least verbally).

14 things introverts wish you understood

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